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ISO 9001 Certification

From its inception, PM Piping has implemented a quality management system based on long term experience of working in projects in the energy sector.
In terms of the ISO 9001 PM Piping’s products are more than the materials we supply. Our product is the complete supply service that we offer. This includes consultant activities during early project phases, budget information for planning tasks, supplier selection and evaluation, purchase management, project procurement with all information exchange activities to suppliers and customers, perfect products with immaculate quality and perfect timing at all desired locations.
The system is not a list of promises, it is a guideline for our team in all steps of operation. Beside the definition of all necessary control steps it also offers details to handle data, to deal with unexpected situations and of course it defines responsibilities.
The effectiveness of the quality management system has been proven in many projects and is common for all PM Piping locations . All offices are operating in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard.
Our quality management system is frequently reviewed and adapted to the continuously changing international demands of projects. PM Piping is aware of different challenges due to our versatile product portfolio and therefore we have paid attention to these varying customer demands within our quality management system.
We know from our successful projects that effectiveness and efficiency of a control process can be drastically improved by defining project specific focus points. To realize these targets, our team is trained to utilize the quality management system as a tool to increase the benefit for the customer.

For any further information please contact us via qualuvity@pmpiping.njqcom.