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Process Packages

PMRPE is specialized in handling packages for Desalters, Dehydration and Gas Sweetening plants. All our solutions are in line with the requirements of our customers. All members of staff have specific know-how which has been built- up for many years by supplying packages worldwide.

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Desalter Packages

We offer desalter packages for a variety of facilities used to treat brackish water or to remove impurities from crude oil.

The desalting process is known to be the first process in crude oil refining. The aim of the desalting system is to reduce the impurities (salts) from the aqueous phase in the oil to acceptable levels. 
Major impurities are calcium, sodium and magnesium chlorides. 
These salts have to be removed from the oil/water emulsion to avoid subsequent problems in the refining process.

Dehydration Packages

Water vapor is one of the most common impurities found in natural gas streams. Efficiency of the pipeline and corrosion prevention require that the water has to be removed from the gas. 

Several dehydration methods are applied in industry, mainly based on Glycol. 

Dehydration packages are usually installed in gas treatment plants when dry gas is needed. Water absorption with TriEthylene Glycol (TEG) is one common process used for gas dehydration. 

The Glycol absorbs the water, when entering a gas-filled contactor. At the bottom of this contactor, the (water-)rich TEG is sent to a regeneration section where the water is again removed from the Glycol.

Gas Sweetening Packages

Besides water and salts natural gas streams may contain hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbon dioxide (CO2). These gases and sour gases, which are corrosive to steels. 

Industry offers several methods for the removal of these acid (sour) components, called gas sweetening. Typical processes use amines, physical solvents or membranes. 

PMRPE offers the complete package inculding service, and delivery.