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Static Equipment

Static equipment is one of the most fundamental components of the oil and gas industry. Reliability and quality of this equipment is essential to assure safety requirements and commercial competitiveness. PMRPE can provide projects with static equipment, delivered with a high service level and with the predicted results.

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

Shell and tube heat exchangers are a typical design to provide high pressure capabilities in heat transfer processes. They are frequently used in power industry and power plants and they provide an efficient heat transfer in various applications. All our shell and tube heat exchangers will cover the required customers’ standards.

In addition to commonly used steel and alloy boilers and pipes, we can offer solutions made from alternative materials, like carbon or glass reinforced epoxymaterials and fluoropolymers.


Air Cooled Exchangers

Air cooled heat exchangers (ACHE) contain the option to transfer heat directly to the atmosphere instead closed or open water systems. These ACHEs are commonly designed as rectangular bundles containing rows of tubes, frequently finned tubes. Heat transfer is generally countercurrent, the hot fluid entering the top of the bundle (or the side in case of finned tubes) and air flowing vertically upward through the bundle, driven by fans.

Air cooled heat exchangers are used for many industrial applications, such as power, chemical, oil, gas, heavy steel industry and many other applications.


Boilers are closed vessels, which are used to heat fluids. These heated or vaporized fluids are then used for various processes, depending on the purpose of the system. Design and construction is based on the client’s definitions and their specifications. 

Latest technology will always be implemented, to assure low maintenance cost, high efficiency and high reliability. Safety functions are included in the provided system, in full compliance with statutory requirements and as per the project’s definition.

Plate Exchangers

Plate exchangers combine the pressure and temperature capabilities of a cylindrical shell with the excellent heat transfer performance of a plate heat exchanger. The product range is extremely wide. Plate heat exchangers are used for heating, cooling and heat recovery in processes like chemical processing, oil production and power generation. Design and construction are optimized to assure a high heat transfer rate and a sufficient flow rate simultaneously.


Vessels, Columns, Towers in High Grade Materials, Cladded or Heavy Wall

Pressure vessels are an enclosed, rigid container made to hold gases or liquids at a given pressure. All vessels are designed to the requested pressure ranges and in full accordance with applicable industry standards. 

Separators are used generally for separating fluids and gases in oil and gas exploration and processing. Other types of storage vessel are used to absorb any rise in pressure or protect from dangerous malfunctions in pressure containing systems.